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Premium Covid PPE Solution

Because of COVID-19, essential businesses, such as medical facilities, food service, grocery stores, post offices, and many others, must ensure safe person-to-person interactions. Our premium Covid Barrier Shields accomplish this by assisting both Read more

Social Distancing Communication Signage

Well-designed signs have a special place in our hearts because of the impact they have on our daily lives.  A well-placed sign can help your clients understand your business hours and policies or can give simple directions. In light Read more

MN COVID-19 Stay-At- Home Order

Minnesota COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order A MESSAGE FROM INDIGO SIGNWORKS REGARDING THE MINNESOTA COVID-19 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER Indigo Signworks is committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers, carriers, business partners, and their families. Our team has been working diligently Read more

Shooting Star Casino Custom Sign Package

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Shooting Star Casino Custom Sign Package

It’s always thrilling creating a custom sign package that’s truly unique. In late 2015, Shooting Star Casino announced the construction of a smaller satellite casino in Bagley, MN. This new property offers a fun gaming atmosphere, along with introducing a dining and drink alternative on a local level.

Shooting Star Casino chose Indigo Signworks as the interior and exterior sign design, manufacturing & installation firm due to our ability to offer our services on a local level; along with having a strong tenured history with the Shooting Star Family. In 2014, Indigo began a year-long construction project on the Mahnomen property where we worked closely the Shooting Star Casino team to establish a modern image for the existing site. The Indigo Signworks team worked diligently to create an image that suited the property’s unique architecture and themes. This image was to carry forward in both the Bagley satellite property as well as the upcoming 2017 Star Lake Resort property, which is currently under construction.

Interior Signs

Concentrating on interior signage at this property became a strong focus. Indigo, in partnership with Cuningham Group, an architectural firm specializing in gaming located in Minneapolis MN, took on the task to design an interior sign package that fit with the interior décor of the casino.

The one sign that stands out above all others, is the interior sign for the Little Dipper Bar and Grill. We were asked to provide a “twinkling star” concept to identify the eating establishment. Our team of designers and fabricators constructed a one-of-a-kind interior sign, consisting of a hand-made douglas fir wooden case, amber LED halo lighting, LED illuminated lettering, and individual “twinkling stars” that are operated with a fiber-optic projector. Each individual star in the ‘Little Dipper’ part of their logo shimmers and shines as the fiber optic projector changes. You notice the sign from anywhere on the gaming floor due to the motion of the sparkling lights.

See a short video of the sign in action!

Exterior Signs

The exterior sign package includes a building sign and large pylon sign. The halo and face-illuminated building sign marks the main entrance of the property. There is also a large pylon sign that also consists of both face and halo illuminated letters. The digital message center component while allowing their marketing department in Mahnomen, MN to remotely control, upload and update content. The sign also features hand-carved stone accents in addition to hidden blue LED recessed lighting.

Contact your local Indigo Signworks office today and discuss unique signage opportunities for your business!

To view the work we did for Shooting Star Casino at their Mahnomen headquarters, check out the article in Sign Builder Illustrated.

Prairie Stone Center

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Sign Builder Illustrated: Prairie Stone Center

Checkout the upcoming issue of Sign Builder Illustrated where Prairie Stone Center pylon sign was highlighted!

Placing the design focus on the EMC (by Watchfire), along with a structure complementary to the Shopping Center (with help from Signs by Benchmark), made for a successful and visual appealing final product for Prairie Stone Center in Fargo, ND.

Prairie Stone Pylon EMC

Prairie Stone Center Pylon

Lift and Access Magazine Article

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4 Bears Indigo Signworks Install

Indigo Signworks is mentioned in Lift and Access Magazine this month discussing truck mounted aerial lifts.

To see the full story and photos online, visit

To view the entire issue online, visit

Introducing Indigo Electric

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We are proud to annouce our newest division!
IE_Color Logo_Primary

For more information, visit:

Featured in Sign Builder Illustrated

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Sign Builder Illustrated Feature

Click on photo for the magazine layout preview.

Indigo Signworks Featured in Sign Builder Illustrated

Indigo Signworks is featured in Sign Builder Illustrated this month showcasing the Shooting Star Casino pylon project!

To see the full story and photos online, visit

To view a short video of the entire project, visit

Indigo Signworks Purchases 44 Sign Company

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indigo 44


ST. CLOUD, MN – Indigo Signworks is proud to announce the purchase of 44 Sign Company in St. Cloud, MN. 44 Sign Company is a St. Cloud based, family owned, full-service sign and large format graphics company established in 2010. Indigo Signworks welcomes Kevin Johnson, owner of 44 Sign Company, his sign-world expertise and 27 plus years of customer service, to join the sales staff in St. Cloud. This merger will create an Express Graphics division at the St. Cloud office, utilizing the knowledge-base and equipment coming over to our St. Cloud office.

Indigo Signworks CEO, Bernie Dardis said, “The merger of 44 Sign Company and Indigo Signworks is a great opportunity to bring together two very talented, experienced sign professional teams into one organization. We are honored to have Kevin Johnson join our company. His dedication and passion for the sign industry and for the business community of St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids is an inspiration to our team.”

Kevin Johnson said, “From the start of my career in the early 80’s I have been focused on customer service and exceeding expectations. In 2010 when I started 44 Sign Company, one of my goals was to be the best known and respected sign and graphics company in central Minnesota. I am proud to say that this goal has been achieved by the merger of 44 Sign Company with Indigo Signworks. The name 44 Sign Company came from a motto of mine “Forward Always Forward,” and this merger is a significant step forward.”

Titan Machinery Signage

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Titan Machinery

Titan Machinery Signage

Indigo Signworks has been busy with 54 locations both updating and putting up new Titan Machinery signage. Indigo was first approached by Titan this past May. We have previously done work with them in the past. Therefore, Indigo was given the opportunity to do the work for the changeover of installing updated Case IH signage. Indigo also was given the duty to fabricate and install both updated and new Titan Rentals locations.

This has been a long progression, and we are still in process of installing the signage, which includes pylons, wall signs, interior signs and fascia updates. The locations in which Indigo has been in charge of updating carries a large footprint, covering Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona and New Mexico.

Titan Machinery is based out of Fargo, ND, and represents a diversified mix of agricultural, construction, and consumer products dealerships located in the upper Midwest. They are the dealer for Case IH, Case Construction, New Holland, and New Holland Construction. Titan Machinery also represents Titan Rentals, Titan Aggregate and a varied list of shortline equipment to meet specialized customer demand and niche product needs.


Star Mart: Shooting Star Casino Signage

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Star Mart: Shooting Star Casino Sign Package

On December 23rd, Indigo Signworks completed the installation of the first phase of the Shooting Star Casino signage.  This phase focused on Star Mart, Shooting Star Casino’s newest addition to their campus.   Early in 2013, Shooing Star Casino acquired the Tesoro C-Store located in the Manitok Mall south of the casino.  Over a period of 4 months, the casino team and Indigo Signworks worked in conjunction to develop a new “site image” not only for the C-Store, but for the Casino signage as well.  This project required many on-site meetings and consultations which resulted in the images posted here.

The salesperson, Dan Combs, and graphic’s department worked closely together to design and develop signage concepts that focused primarily on the main ID sign for the Casino entrance.  Once that design was approved by the client, we were then able to apply that concept to all of the other signage needed.

Star Mart Signs

This aspect of the project included the following signage:

Canopy panels, channel letters and LED border lighting:  Rose City Canopy was hired to erect the new gas canopy structure.  Indigo Signworks was hired to print and apply the digital graphics to the canopy fascia.  This was a digital print and UV coating process that allowed for their “star gradient” to be displayed on 3 of the 4 canopy elevations.

LED face lighted and digital printed channel letters were added to the North and East elevations, which advertise to Hwy 59 as well as the casino parking lot.

On the South, East and North elevations of the canopy, we were also hired to provide and install approximately 170 lineal feet of Slone Colorline LED border tube.   This LED is bright blue and is installed at the top of the canopy fascia.  It was chosen due to its color, clarity and quality.  It was also used in the Star Mart ID sign as accent pieces and is being discussed as an option for installation around the entire perimeter of the casino/hotel facility.

Building cabinet sign and channel letter logo:  The initial survey of the site revealed an existing cabinet that was converted for re-use.  It was removed from site, returned to our production facility, sanded, painted and refaced with a routed aluminum panel and back-up acrylic lettering with printed graphics.  The channel letter “badge” was added to the peak area above the sign to encompass the logo standards of the casino.

Window Graphics and Door Pulls:  As part of the signage package, Indigo was asked to provide door decals and “pulls” for the new entrance to the C-Store.  This included digitally printed vinyl logos and hours.

The General Contractor, Shingobee Builders, approached us with a request to manufacture the pulls and create a similar product to the Holiday Station Stores entrance and exit doors.   With some help from Greg Nelson, the graphic designer) and West Tool and Design of Fergus Falls, MN, we were able to design and manufacture custom routed pulls.  Greg applied the Star Mart logo to the design and West Tool and Design converted the design into a 3D rendering.  West Tool then used a 5-axis router to route solid aluminum blocks that would eventually end up on the doors going in and out of Star Mart, displaying their logo.

Pylon Sign:  The pylon sign at the new Star Mart site consists of a double faced application of halo and face lighted channel letters and logos, Benchmark stone tops and base cladding, exposed Sloan Colorline LED accent lighting, a 20 mm Daktronics electronic message center, and a 20” Daktronics gas price display.  All of this was applied to an aluminum glass bead epoxy cabinet and pole cladding.   All of the gas price technology is operated via a POS system by Gilbarco, Inc.  Daktronics and Gilbarco were able to work together in networking the digital price display to update itself when the C-Store updated fuel prices.  It was a cost effective, low-maintenance way to ensure an accurate price at the pumps, as well as the sign display.

The Alexandria installation crew was incredibly impressed when the sign was assembled on site, “It was as flawless of an installation as we could have expected”.  This, along with an efficient crew, made the installation a complete success.  The client was very satisfied with our performance on site with all aspects of the installation, but mentioned the efficiencies of the crew regarding the ID sign specifically.

Client’s remarks:  Bill Marsh, the Marketing Manager of Shooting Star Casino, said “It’s the nicest sign I have ever seen Dan.  I can’t stop looking at it!”   Ed Hansen, the GM of Shooting Star, said “The sign is wonderful Dan… it was exactly what we asked for.”  Jamie Monson, the Marketing Manager, stated, “I am very pleased with the sign, as well as your facilities performance on such a tight deadline”.  These, along with numerous “pats on the back” and “thank you emails” from the Shooting Star team, added up to a nice compliment to all Indigo Team Members involved with the project.  It solidified our position with the facility well into the future as “their Sign Company”.

We had approximately seven weeks to pull this off.  With everyone’s efforts, we were able to do it… and do it well.

The Best Color Combinations for a Sign

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Visibility is the most important element in outdoor signage.  Signage and other graphics meant to be easily seen and understood at a distance should use a simple, contrasting color scheme that stands out clearly.  Below are some examples of the most visible color combinations for a sign.

The best color combinations for signage

The best color combinations for signage

An easy way to test visibility is to simply print the sign on letter-sized paper and view it from an appropriate distance. One glance should suffice to quickly understand the sign’s message, and to determine the graphic’s visual appeal.

One of the first considerations in choosing the right color combination is the level of visibility that will be created. By contrasting a light color font or graphic on a dark background or a dark font or graphic on a light background, viewers will be more drawn to your signage. Fonts should be legible and uncomplicated. The background or graphic should never overpower or distract from the actual message of the sign.

Since people react psychologically to various colors, you should choose the shades that most closely identify with your business or company theme. Warm colors tend to encourage people to feel comfortable enough to relax and linger. If you want customers or clients spending extra time in your store or restaurant, you’ll want to pick from a pallet of colors that have comforting layers of reds, oranges and yellows in them. If you want your signage to be a real attention getter, yellow is a universal favorite. You can pick a signature color such as hot pink or electric green. Strong reds and blues are always popular choices.  Look at the Color Combination Guide below.

Some Tips for Choosing Color Combinations:

  1. Does your business already have an established brand color? You’ll want to work with that unless you are ready to completely overhaul your advertising format.
  2. Do you want to psychologically impact potential customers by gaining their attention, stimulating their senses or inspiring a certain positive response? What is most apt to motivate them? Orange, yellow and red are generally considered high arousal colors; and blues, greens and violet tend to be lower in arousal response. However, within these families, entirely different reactions can be created by intensifying or lessening the shades.
  3. Never let an intense background color or graphic overpower the most important message on your signage.
  4. Work with contrasting complementary pairs for powerful impact.
A Visual Guide to what Colors Communicate

A Visual Guide to what Colors Communicate

Indigo Signworks Case Study in KeyedIn Solutions

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KeyedIn PdfIndigo Signworks has been highlighted in a case study for KeyedIn Solutions, KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition


Click here or on the image to the left to take a look!

KeyedIn™ Manufacturing – Sign Edition : A single, 100% web-based business solution for custom sign manufacturers

Developed specifically for the custom sign manufacturing industry,  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition is a fully web-based business management software application that can help you take charge of your entire enterprise – from estimating and production to scheduling and installation – with fully-integrated financial management and accounting tools.

There’s no IT needed, no hardware to buy – all you need to get started is an Internet connection and a web browser for secure anywhere, anytime access.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition  combines the power of a proven, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with tools specifically designed to solve the typical business challenges of custom sign manufacturers – improving productivity, lowering costs, and increasing sales.