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Premium Covid PPE Solution

Because of COVID-19, essential businesses, such as medical facilities, food service, grocery stores, post offices, and many others, must ensure safe person-to-person interactions. Our premium Covid Barrier Shields accomplish this by assisting both Read more

Social Distancing Communication Signage

Well-designed signs have a special place in our hearts because of the impact they have on our daily lives.  A well-placed sign can help your clients understand your business hours and policies or can give simple directions. In light Read more

MN COVID-19 Stay-At- Home Order

Minnesota COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order A MESSAGE FROM INDIGO SIGNWORKS REGARDING THE MINNESOTA COVID-19 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER Indigo Signworks is committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers, carriers, business partners, and their families. Our team has been working diligently Read more

Indigo is now of member of the WSA!

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WSAIndigo has joined the rank as a new member of the WSA

Indigo Signworks became a member of the World Sign Associates April 23, 2013.  WSA is a not-for-profit industry association representing sign company members and Associate Product Members who work together in mutually beneficial partnerships to best serve customers.  It was founded to exchange ideas among members, support the highest ethical business standards and promote the industry.   

We are excited to have Indigo Signworks join this WSA Network.

WSA is the premier sign association, widely known and respected for its high-tech, high-touch approach to membership, attracting members representing the highest quality and ethical standards within the sign industry.  Membership in WSA is our opportunity to build professional alliances and develop personal friendships with other sign company representatives who are members of this premier organization.  We will learn from them as they will learn from us.  This sharing is what they call the SPIRIT OF WSA.

WSA’s success is based on every member’s support of the association’s vision and mission as well as the active participation of each member in division and WSA activities.

Education.  Networking.  Fellowship.  Camaraderie.  It’s the WSA way.

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