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Premium Covid PPE Solution

Because of COVID-19, essential businesses, such as medical facilities, food service, grocery stores, post offices, and many others, must ensure safe person-to-person interactions. Our premium Covid Barrier Shields accomplish this by assisting both Read more

Social Distancing Communication Signage

Well-designed signs have a special place in our hearts because of the impact they have on our daily lives.  A well-placed sign can help your clients understand your business hours and policies or can give simple directions. In light Read more

MN COVID-19 Stay-At- Home Order

Minnesota COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order A MESSAGE FROM INDIGO SIGNWORKS REGARDING THE MINNESOTA COVID-19 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER Indigo Signworks is committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers, carriers, business partners, and their families. Our team has been working diligently Read more

Animated Signage Ignites Attention

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One of a Kind Interior Signage for SMOKE BARBEQUE & BREW

Shooting Star Casino has asked us to be a part of a fun new project at their Mahnomen location.  SMOKE Barbeque & Brew was conceived to replace Whispering Winds Restaurant.  In March of 2017, the doors opened and it has been wildly popular with the Shooting Star patrons.


Indigo Signworks was given a logo concept, and was asked to take on the task of designing and producing a unique sign to help showcase the new restaurant. After some consultation and conceptual meetings, we felt strongly about our concept moving forward and began the engineering and shop drawings to make their new sign a reality.

The new “SMOKE” sign features some fun animations and lighting techniques.  We began with Indigo Signworks exclusive Halo Deluxe lighted letters; layered with a translucent acrylic base and an opaque PVC printed face. This ensured that the letters would light only around the perimeter, giving it the look that the client wanted. Below the main “SMOKE” copy, we utilized a hammered metal laminate on PVC for the “Barbeque & Brew”. This laminate gave the sign that “smokehouse” feel the client was after.

What made this sign truly special was the flame component of the logo. Indigo was asked to create motion and movement to the flame utilizing programmable LED lighting. After careful thought of layout and programing, we were able to achieve an animated flame that gives SMOKE a noticeable presence on a busy gaming floor.

We are proud to continue to provide the goods and services that Shooting Star Casino requests and look forward to their next fun challenge!

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LED Lighting Befriends Cold Weather

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Icy cold temperatures & LED lighting get along well together.

…the seasonal cold is a welcome benefit for LED lighting.

You may not like cold, but LED lighting sure does. LED lighting does well in a cold environment. The cold condition allows the LEDs to dump the heat produced while operating. Heat is bad for LEDs.

LED lighting works by sending a low voltage DC current across a precise gap distance. To jump the gap, plasma forms and is then abruptly halted by the distance the electron travels to the end of the controlled gap. The precise gap distance manufactured in the LED chip, allows a specific wavelength of light to be emitted. A larger gap produces a light shifted to red and a smaller gap shifts the light further to the violet color spectrum.  Heat causes the precise gap spacing in the LED chip to expand. As a result, it shortens the life of the LED chip, as well as disrupting the intended light output color. In addition, if too much heat is retained in the LED chip, the electrical resistance will increase and destroy the chip. As you can appreciate now, the seasonal cold is a welcome benefit for LED type lighting. So just dress warmer if you don’t like the cold

LED Cold Weather


Fluorescent & Neon Lighting

Every winter season, the cold and the fluorescent lights battle it out.

Fluorescent and some colors of neon lighting do not perform well with cold temperatures, since they rely on the mercury within them becoming vaporized. The cold wins every year. The way this type of lighting works depends on heat helping out.

First, and most importantly, the mercury within the glass lamp has to vaporize. At room temperature (+-)70° mercury will form into a vapor and mix with the carrier gas (usually argon). Once enough mercury is vaporized, electricity can easily pass thru the vapor, ionizing the atoms. Light is given off by sending high voltage alternating current thru the lamp, causing the atoms of mercury to become ionized within the carrier gas. The light given off from this now “ionized” mercury vapor is in a wavelength that humans cannot see—ultraviolet.   The powdery fluorescent coating on the inside of the glass lamp converts the ultraviolet light into wavelengths we can see as visible light.  The heat makes fluorescent lighting work better. Cold causes the light output process needed in fluorescent & some neon colors to break down, flicker & perform poorly.

I am sure we have all seen this effect on a cold day.  The colder it gets, the easier it will be for you to notice which signs are LED illuminated & which ones rely on vaporized mercury. If you’re looking up upgrade your sign to LED, or have new signage needs, contact your local Indigo Signworks office today to be sure your sign is winter-ready.

Written by Jeff Douglas:

Estimating Manager / Engineer 


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LED Retrofit

It Pays to Upgrade Energy saving LED retrofits; should you do it?  Yes, of course! The return on investment (ROI) alone says you should. The Cenex sign shown in the picture is about 7’ tall x 8’ wide and it used to be illuminated with eight 800MA high output fluorescent lamps & two ferromagnetic type ballasts.  As […]


Energy Saving LED Retrofit ROI

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It Pays to Upgrade

LED retrofit

Energy saving LED retrofits; should you do it?  Yes, of course! The return on investment (ROI) alone says you should.

The Cenex sign shown in the picture is about 7’ tall x 8’ wide and it used to be illuminated with eight 800MA high output fluorescent lamps & two ferromagnetic type ballasts.  As a result, this lighting method consumed about 800 watts costing $455 a year if the sign was running 12 hours a day, and the energy cost was 13₵ /kW‐h. Due to new LED lighting technology, installed by Indigo Signworks, the sign now only consumes 306 watts costing $175 a year for the same run time & energy cost. Just the annual energy savings alone is 61%!

Energy $ Used Yearly: Fluorescent vs. LED Principal Qwik Stik® Shallow 360°

Energy $ Used Yearly: Fluorescent vs. LED Principal Qwik Stik® Shallow 360°

The old fluorescent lamp lighting has a useful life of 12,000 hours. Because the new LED lighting, it can be as long as 100,000, it makes the average yearly maintenance savings of not having to service the sign close to $450. Adding the $280 per year in energy savings to the $450 in yearly maintenance, benefits Cenex $731 a year! Therefore, the LED retrofit ROI in this case is great; in as little as 35 months the investment will pay off*. The LED products and the labor directly used to retrofit this Cenex sign costs the end user about $38 per sq. ft., or $2128.

Get your Own ROIGet Your Own LED Retrofit ROI Analysis!

Don’t wait….Contact your local Indigo Signworks office today, and we’ll do an LED Retrofit ROI analysis for you! We will take great care in selecting the right lighting to benefit you the most. We have the experts that sift thru the many options available and will present to you the best one.

You will see how it pays to upgrade. If your double face sign is about 7’x8′, in 10 years, you will actually have $7310.00 more**.

In some places, an energy rebate is available too, making the decision to invest in a lighting upgrade even sweeter. In order to find out if you are eligible for a rebate or other incentive program, you can reference the Department of Energy’s DSIRE site

One more benefit…LEDs are much brighter during cold temperatures than fluorescent lighting.

* investment/annual savings

**advice from Jeff Douglas, Estimating Manager/Engineer (always thinking of ways to make your net worth higher)