Using Faux Brick to Achieve a Truly Unique and Custom Sign

Faux Brick: It doesn’t always mean “fake looking.” It can be quite impressive if done properly.

Matching Historic Masonry with Composite Foam

When the need arises to match existing brick, masonry or other architectural elements of a building you may want to consider the use of faux brick, a foam composite material, to meet your needs. Brick sizes, colors and finish styles that were once used on the original building masonry may be nearly impossible to match with actual brick as time goes by. A composite foam will give you options to replicate designs that were done over 100 years previous with ease!

The illuminated ground monument at Mayville State Larson Alumni Center is an example of a design needing to match a building that was constructed in 1911 and yet work within budget constraints of a donor driven project. Notice how the cut sandstone elements above the windows were replicated and used as ornamental crowns on the red brick columns. Without knowing this monument was installed recently, the general public would assume this sign has been there for years and simply had a new illuminated sign cabinet added to it.

Another example of the use of composite foam is the ground monument for Alerus Bank in Fargo. We wanted to replace an existing lighted sign with something that served the same purpose, but looked more like part of the original design of the building that was constructed 16 years earlier. Existing footings and structure from the old sign were incorporated in the new design. If you have not seen the previous sign before, you’d  never realize this sign was not always a part of the site and it was made out of something other than the original brick, mortar & stucco.

Indigo Signworks has the know-how to help you!

Careful documentation of sizes, colors, shapes and finish textures of the original elements is key to making the final product look as though it was always there. You will be amazed at what can be done with composite foam material if some creative time is spent studying the site, and sharing that information with a designer.  Our design pros can develop a concept, incorporating original elements and render a truly one of a kind sign. Fortunately for you, we have a knowledgeable and experienced staff from sales to install to help you out!

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