Fabricator Apprentice

Chanhassen, MN


The primary role for this position is to operate fabricating machines such as cutoff saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses, forming machines, spinning machines and punches that cut, shape and bend metal plates, sheets, tubes and structures. This includes a variety of flat panel substrates, post & panel projects according to written instructions. This position must proofread sign estimates and conduct quality assurance to ensure accurate fulfillment of projects.

Essential Functions

  • Performs a variety of tasks involving strenuous manual labor; performs manual work.
  • Utilizes all hand tools and grinders.
  • Set-up and use an oxygen/acetylene torch for cutting purposes.
  • Locates and marks bending and cutting lines onto workpiece.
  • Hammers, chips, and grinds workpiece to cut, bend, and straighten metal.
  • Fabricates and assembles sheet metal products.
  • Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding.
  • Repairs products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts.
  • Lays out, positions, aligns, and fits components together.
  • Adhere to industry standard safety practices. Operate all tools and equipment according to specified safety requirements..
  • Adhere to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes.
  • Ensures that proper safety and incident reporting procedures are followed.
  • Sets stops or guides to specified length as indicated by scale, rule or template.
  • Measures workpiece dimensions to determine accuracy of machine operation.
  • Performs minor machine maintenance such as oiling machines, dies or workpieces.
  • Some Welding may be required.

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