Graphics and Design Services


Our design department offers our customers all the design services they need in one place. Our trained staff can assist your architect or builder and be a consultant for all your signage needs.





Some of our offerings:

Architect Assistance

Indigo can provide additional assistance to the architects working on your project. Early inclusion of the Indigo Design team in your project will allow your architect to design a sign that will best fit your specific needs.

Builder Sign Criteria/Specifications

Indigo has the expertise to work with your builder once everything goes into construction mode. When able to work directly with the construction company, Indigo can make sure everything is ready for on-time delivery and installation. Everyone wins when projects happen on time.


If you just need some pre-planning advice, Indigo offers consulting services. Do you have some ideas and just don’t know which sign best fits your business? Here’s where one call to the experienced Indigo sales professionals can help narrow your decision. The sales staff knows about the local laws and regulations and can help you make the best decision to advertise for your business.

Contact someone from your local office to get started!