Shooting Star Casino Custom Sign Package

Shooting Star Casino Custom Sign Package

It’s always thrilling creating a custom sign package that’s truly unique. In late 2015, Shooting Star Casino announced the construction of a smaller satellite casino in Bagley, MN. This new property offers a fun gaming atmosphere, along with introducing a dining and drink alternative on a local level.

Shooting Star Casino chose Indigo Signworks as the interior and exterior sign design, manufacturing & installation firm due to our ability to offer our services on a local level; along with having a strong tenured history with the Shooting Star Family. In 2014, Indigo began a year-long construction project on the Mahnomen property where we worked closely the Shooting Star Casino team to establish a modern image for the existing site. The Indigo Signworks team worked diligently to create an image that suited the property’s unique architecture and themes. This image was to carry forward in both the Bagley satellite property as well as the upcoming 2017 Star Lake Resort property, which is currently under construction.

Interior Signs

Concentrating on interior signage at this property became a strong focus. Indigo, in partnership with Cuningham Group, an architectural firm specializing in gaming located in Minneapolis MN, took on the task to design an interior sign package that fit with the interior décor of the casino.

The one sign that stands out above all others, is the interior sign for the Little Dipper Bar and Grill. We were asked to provide a “twinkling star” concept to identify the eating establishment. Our team of designers and fabricators constructed a one-of-a-kind interior sign, consisting of a hand-made douglas fir wooden case, amber LED halo lighting, LED illuminated lettering, and individual “twinkling stars” that are operated with a fiber-optic projector. Each individual star in the ‘Little Dipper’ part of their logo shimmers and shines as the fiber optic projector changes. You notice the sign from anywhere on the gaming floor due to the motion of the sparkling lights.

See a short video of the sign in action!

Exterior Signs

The exterior sign package includes a building sign and large pylon sign. The halo and face-illuminated building sign marks the main entrance of the property. There is also a large pylon sign that also consists of both face and halo illuminated letters. The digital message center component while allowing their marketing department in Mahnomen, MN to remotely control, upload and update content. The sign also features hand-carved stone accents in addition to hidden blue LED recessed lighting.

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To view the work we did for Shooting Star Casino at their Mahnomen headquarters, check out the article in Sign Builder Illustrated.

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